My groups sway on biomes


I think my group did well with this project, but we got confused with the due date.. After we figured it was due that day we pulled it together and created an amazing sway on biomes…I will be honest me and my team had some difficulties. But I’m proud of them because we finished it on time and got through those difficulties. Some things we struggled with: fully understanding this project because a big misunderstanding we had was the due date. We thought it was due on the Friday but our teacher said it was due at the end of that class, we had just over 30 minutes left when we found that out and only had a few of our questions done. We some how worked really hard and we managed to finish answering the all those questions and also managed to find pictures and video for our biomes. We all finished it on time and we were all proud of our work, for the time that we got to do it in. In the end i am so proud of my group for really focusing and getting it done because we didn’t give up.

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