Journalism in verse

El Valle de la Muerte 

Like clouds, like dreams, our people come and go.

Nothing and nobody can stop them

Fears and dreams and hopes of these brave immigrants

Crudeness that the innocent vision of a child can communicate

This reality that affects our society

The moon and a compass to guide their path

The stars are always so sad, the witnesses to the deaths of millions

Not being able to help them

Once on the train, the angst that in a single second they could lose their lives

The fear of being raped, assaulted, kidnapped

El valle de la muerte

God, is it worth it?

When did this massacre become boring news for the people?

God, just let them cross the borders of the world

Let them find a better future

Let them find a sanctuary

All of these sacrifices

Just for them to come to a country where they are treated like aliens

The lack of humanity

Children are being separated from their parents

Left alone

In despair



They have the right to fight for their life, because just like you

They are human beings.


Link to the article

I read the article on the conditions that immigrant kids are being held in at the border, and I thought I would try and get into their perspective, while also adding some of my own personal experiences.

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