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SSEP Reflection

Define: In our groups, we wanted to know what would be the effect of bacteria in microgravity, and if it would be the same as the one on earth.
We did some research to some groups that have participated before in the SSEP, then we did a review of them and got some new ideas, we learned about how the process would go, and what we had to do.
Then we did some brainstorms in our groups to know what biological, chemical or physical system we would like to explore with gravity seemly turned off for a period of time, as a means of assessing the role of gravity in that system. We thought that bacteria would be a great system to explore and learn.
Design and Deliver
We searched through a lot of websites to know more about the topic and to learn more about bacteria, we also tried to contact a specialist in bacteria, but we couldn’t contact him, so we did some experiments with bacteria from the sink, the phone, the table and the floor. Then we wrote our proposal to submit to the SSEP committee.
We think that maybe we could have used more time to do the proposal and examine what we wrote. And maybe we could have done contact with previous groups that have participated in the SSEP before.