Engineering brightness

We talked to multiple class rooms via skype one of the class rooms were from Dominican republic the people we talked to are teachers at a private school named Eladio and dennis. The others people we talked to are from New Brunswick he is also a teacher, we skyped with him and his science 11 class. What interested me was that high school is so much different than middle school in the way that in middle school we wouldn’t be skype chatting people half way around the world! Also I find the entire project interesting because it involves helping people in need of help, learning about electronics and electricity and having fun doing it. The experience so far is great my group has been working very well together and we aren’t even half way there, I am super exited to see what we can do as a group and a class.
Me and my group have lots of great ideas some ideas we have for this project are, having a hand cranked flash light, this is a good idea because you can potentially have unlimited light but the only thing is it might not be the most efficient idea and also it will break relatively easily. Also we had the idea that we could do a solar powered light with the solar panel hooked in to the top, but we couldn’t find a small enough solar panel to fit, it also wouldn’t be the most efficient and they would have to leave it outside. The one we are going to use I came up with and it is to have a piece of velcro on the bottom of the solar panel and then give them the other piece so that they can put it on there hat so that the solar panel can charge while they work. the people that can help us are Mr. Robinson for supplying the materials. 20161206_10592520161206_10594220161206_11001020161206_110037screenshot_20161206-103813screenshot_20161206-103756screenshot_20161206-103734class-with-drdelivery