Whats In My Junk Food?

The big mac consists of two 1.6 oz (45.4 g) beef patties, special sauce which is actually a variant of Thousand Island dressing, iceberg lettuce, American cheese, pickles, and onions, served in a three-part sesame seed bun. it has a delicous flavour but is very high in calories and fat. i like the big mac because it is very delicous and is low in cost, making it easy to get with left over change. the big mac is very unhealthy because it has a high amount of calories (563) and high amounts of fat (33g) it is also not super filling which makes it so you want to eat more.


Chili Cook-Off Reflection

the chili cook off lab was a really fun lab, i really liked how we could pick our own recipe to make. i also like how it was a competition to give us motivation to try our hardest. the recipe our group chose was simple but delicous with multiple flavours and it didnt take long to make, our group ended up winning the competition which was super cool.

i enjoyed this lab because i have never actully made chili and it is delicous but is also pretty healthy depending on what you put in it. my group used lots of ingredients that most other groups didnt use like the cream corn and turkey bacon and it ended out tasting great.

my groups final product turned out great, it looked and tasted amazing. we were verry happy with it and our creative recipe definatly helped.

our group worked very well together and nothing went wrong. everyone stayed on task and we made sure everyone was on task and that for sure helped us win the contest.

i would definatly do this lab again and wouldnt really change anything, maybe add a bit more turkey bacon but thats it because it tasted great and was pretty healthy

May Lab Reflection

my favorite may dish we made was the california rolls. i chose this because it was delicous, unique, fun and a cool experience. I enjoyed the lab for the same reasons. My groups product turned out great and my unknown skill of rolling it up definatly helped. our group worked well together and nothing went wrong . i would definatly do this lab again at home but i would add more crab for more flavour.

France and North America

How did France expand its control in North America France expanded its control in North America in several ways. One way it expanded was infrastructure such as lumber mills, tanneries, and breweries was established. Also sending settlers and over 1000 women to new France which would help it grow in population and helping people settle down. Also people encouraged farming, domestic crafts, ship building and fishery, this would also help people settle down and get good jobs and a better life than in France. Another way was when Champlain became partners in trading company with a monopoly in Canada. The coureurs de bois increased colony knowledge of the land which helped them grow. Also coureur de bois extended French influence across Canada. Also houses were made with farms for habitants to rent from land owners, these houses each had a little long but narrow farm and were assembled in a little town. Lastly the seigneurial system was made.

$20 potato day

prices from walmart and superstore



breakfast: hashbrowns $0.65 x2 ,eggs $2.93 with ham $1.67/100g ,cut up apple 0.83/1 apple, 2% milk $2.99

lunch: bacon $1.40/200g, scalop potatoes $0.65 x3, canned tomato soup $0.58, 2% milk

dinner:mashed potatoes $0.65 x2,with bacon $0.70/100g and ham $1.67/100g, and small californian salad $3.08, 2% milk

march/april foods lab reflection

i chose the chocolate fondue because it was my favorite lab out of the march and april labs, it was my favorite lab because it tasted pretty good and it was a cool thing to know how to make and i dont think alot of people actually know how to make it. i did enjoy this lab because it was cool to make and very interesting, it also didnt tae many ingredients to make and you can make it relatively fast. our group worked pretty well together, we did burn the chocolate fondue a little bit but it still didnt taste bad. if i were to do this lab again i would cook the fondue more carefully and not burn it and also i would bring more fruits to dip into it because i ended up only using like half of the fondue.


Salad Rolls

i enjoyed the lab because i had never made spring rolls before but i really like them and also it was a fun process of them being made

i would add chicken so it would have more flavour and it would add more protein and meat to the dish

Deep fried foods are unhealthy for you because they contain lots of unhealthy fats like trans fat and artificial oil. They are bad because deep fried foods are very high in fats and calories. Deep frying foods also gets rid of the healthy nutrients in the food. For example, a large baked potato contains 220 calories and less than 1 g of fat. But, if you take that same potato and turn it into French fries, you end up with nearly 700 calories and a whopping 34 g of fat.