first peoples principles of learning

Some student involvement in the first peoples principles are what we are doing with the engineering brightness and the student spaceflight experiment.

My favorite first principle is, learning involves patience and time because it is true, you cant learn thing by saying it once you have to have patience if you are going to learn something and that takes time. I feel like this is a really good one also because it would help people in their learning. The next one I like is, learning involves generational roles and responsibilities, I really like this one because if you are a parent and you have children who are the next generation and they need help with homework it is your responsibility to help them and if you don’t have the knowledge and learning you cant do that, also we wouldn’t be where we are right now and I wouldn’t be writing this right now on my devise if people didn’t think about the next generation and come up with these ideas that we take for granted everyday. The last one is, learning ultimately supports the well being of the self, the family, the community, the land, the spirits, and the ancestors, this one is really everything, everything we have done as a community and as a civilization all our ideas all our conspiracies everything we have done. we wouldn’t have anything right now if our ancestors didn’t think about the future, about us, if they didn’t think about going into the ocean something that they had no idea about to travel across, where would we be right now?

People including me use these principles everyday. I mean they are so helpful and I really think that if everyone used these this planet would be so much better, cleaner, healthier, smarter and much better for the next generation. We used them for our space flight experiment, we thought about something that could really help us out and also the next generation and because of this program lots of great ideas have happened that can really help us in the future.

Also what we are doing with engineering brightness, we are doing it fort them but we still get stuff out of it like how to build a light and everything that goes into it and also for the experience. And so they can live a better life. I have really liked this project so far and the principles have helped me to stay motivated and do my best on the project to hopefully make a difference.

Some examples of work I have done connects with the first peoples principles of learning are, with the engineering brightness. How we are not just learning but we are putting learning and helping the people in need at the same time. Also we did the same type of thing with the student spaceflight experiments how we were learning, helping make a difference for the world not just now but also in the future.