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Ukraine honour guard

The crash 


Speeding down the runway 

Lifting off the ground into the air 

Like a bird taking off 

The cabin shaking 


Sirens filling the heads of the passengers 

Screaming and crying  

Keep your heads down 

Brace for impact, brace for impact, brace for impact 


Smashing like ice, into a million pieces 

The lives of 176 people 

Claimed by the Iranian missile 

Governments like the serpent in the garden of Eden  


Family suffering the loss of loved ones 

Indescribable feelings 

The world watching for what comes next  

The start of a war 




about the poem:

the poem:


A plastic mask of self unknown

This is a poem about how people in today’s society are not what they once were. People today put on a mask, hiding their true selves and how we do not truly mean what we say. It is an open poem. The poem talks about how we are all becoming almost the same person, we all strive for materialistic and the tangible instead of the intangible, and we are all kind of lost, in the way that we do not really know who we are on the inside. Some of the devices used in the poem are descriptive imagery, metaphor, repetition and personification. Descriptive imagery is found in words like, isolation, self-unknown, plastic mask and blemish, a metaphor in the poem is, “army of consumers”, repetition in the poem is structured men, structured worlds and plastic mask is used a lot during the poem, lastly, personification is when he says “individuality is on strike”. This connects to Oryx and Crake because of the tangible and intangible, in the poem it is talking about how we are so focused on the tangible, and we strive for the tangible instead of the intangible, which is very similar to Oryx and Crake because it is the same in their society. I really enjoyed this poem and it really opened my eyes even more to this issue we have in our society, and it makes me want to stop focusing on the tangible and start to strive for the intangible.

Spoken word

Honestly there is no real one answer to this question

And everyone could have a different answer to this question depending on their outlook on life.

To me the meaning of life is that there is no meaning, I think everyone has a purpose, and was put on this earth for a reason, but I don’t believe there is an actual meaning. Because No one really knows what we are doing here and how we got here and without that, how are we supposed to know what the meaning of us being here is.

I mean, there are theories such as god or the big bang and evolution

But no one really knows for sure, and we probably will never actually know.

My question is what are we all working towards, we put all our energy and time into school just to go to do more school which requires more time and energy doing the same thing, and then we work for the rest of our lives?

I feel like school and the world of technology really distracts us from this question that we all need to find in ourselves. A question that is more important than school or work, because why work when you don’t know what you are working for.

Recently I have learned to try my best to not stress over school and work because you need to enjoy life and live a little  while you are still here.

But, if we can’t figure out our purpose for coming to exist on this planet, if we cant figure out why or how the universe came into being, then our purpose is whatever we want it to be You get one life to do whatever you want, if you think your purpose is to sit around and play games all day or to create a multi billion dollar company is up to you.

My grandpa helped me realize my purpose of life, after he passed away, I realized that you and the people around you won’t be here forever. He helped pave the way to my answer, my purpose of life. Which I believe is to be as kind as possible, to raise positivity in others and to always try to make the world a better place no matter how small of an act, because I believe that life is too short to be angry and hostile towards others and you should always try your best to be nice because after you die you don’t want people to remember you as someone bad, you want to live the best life you can and be remembered for the good person you are.


Decisions, Blog Log #2

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Something that really interested me about this article was the topic. It was a really interesting topic to read about because of how it really demonstrated decision making, indicates why we make certain decisions and proves that most people when faced with multiple decisions will regret their decision later on. Another reason this is really interesting to me is the metaphor she used for this topic, it was about a donkey who had to choose between 2 equally appealing stacks of hay and he died from hunger not knowing which one to choose. This specifically interests me because with everything we have now for shopping it is really hard to choose what you may want, especially considering the fact that you can be at any store in seconds with a click of a button. I can defiantly relate to this with many, many, many experiences, being presented with multiple things and thinking you chose the best one, but later on realizing you liked the other one more is the worst feeling. what I really liked about the authors writing style was that she really conveys her point clearly and explains the details.

Blog Log | The addiction of videogames


The thing that really interested me about this article was the fact that I played videogames quite a bit, so I wanted to see what this was about. Since i play videogames a lot this title really intrigued me. I really liked his use of words throughout the article, you could tell that he knew what he was talking about and that he has been playing videogames for a long time. I also really like the detail he put in the article, how explained his whole life in the article. Also, how videogames affected it and how he portrayed his life after he started getting addicted to videogames which lead to other addictions. The connection between this article and my life is that I play videogames, and I have played the games he has played, so I know what he is talking about and the certain language he uses. The article illustrates how video games ruined his life, how it made him lazy and addicted to drugs, indicating how it ruined his life.