Gene Story

Gene Story- Part 1

Hi my name is Canavan disease and I live inside of my human and my best friend Alysia. Although Alysia is my best friend; I am not hers. I make her life difficult. For me (the gene) to develop, I must have 2 copies of my abnormal gene. This trait makes me an autosomal disease, and no you don’t have to tell me twice that I’m special.  genetics home reverence studies suggest that this disorder affects 1 in 6,400 to 13,500 people in the Ashkenazi Jewish population. I am caused by mutations in the ASPA gene. This gene provides the recipe for making aspartoacylase, an enzyme in the brain that brakes down NAA, a compound in the neurones of the brain. Sadly, I am a fatal disease that began when Alysia was 4 months old. In other cases, I can appear anywhere from 3-6 months of a child’s life. Because of me, Alysia’s motor skills (such as rolling over, or lifting her head up) have been slowed down. We don’t know how long Alysia’s life will last, because the life expectancy varies.

Part 2

1.       I researched “Canavan disease” and found websites with all the information I needed

2.       I only used 2 websites for this project, and they both were “.gov” websites, which I know are more reliable.

3.       First I researched about the disease, and got to know what it did, and how it effects people, and then I typed out what I thought was most important.

4.       All the numbers, and names of genes we the same on all the websites I used.

I think I did a good job of staying the same perspective of the gene. If I wanted to make this project better, I would have used my time m

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