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The first link affects me because it’s kind of scary to think that someone online could be fake, and impersonating someone else. Considering the fact that the accounts were commenting on things related to the government, it’s pretty alarming.


The second link affects me because I have to remember that a lot of things in the media and online is fake. And if I want to trust something on the web, heavy research is required.


Hubbard 2017 Data Analysis Thoughts

Hubbard 2017 Data Analysis Thoughts

1.     I think that the role that statistics have in our lives is very important. Statistics can figure out what the general population or group of people want, or what they don’t want. Without statistics, we wouldn’t know how many people there are in the world, or the quantity of genders in each area. A “status quo” would not be available.

2.     Article

3.     What I learned about statistics is that they help us understand what is going on in communities, cities, and the world. They are far more valuable then just looking at individual cases to decide weather to do something or not.

4.     There can be different types of problems in statistics. Stats can be biased in an individual case, and they can easily be made up to try an prove a point. Another problem could be that the question is biased, and its purpose is to make voters go one way over another.

Think Again-Mini Inquiry Poem

Think Again

Remember, his topics of conversation

are more important than yours.


I am a doctor, you are a nurse

Why must you think this should be in reverse

I’ve had more training, spent a lot more

And yet, you still feel superior


But, no matter

I will fly like a bird against the sun

crash through painted arcadias

show off my bold, strong wings


Despite ourselves.

Our kind multiplies  

we will realize, revolutionize, revolt

Before you can think twice

We shall by morning

Inherit the earth




 Think Again-Analysis

“Think Again” is a 16-line poem that shares insight into the human condition. more specifically, gender roles and the power of an individual. This poem shows how gender roles and stereotypes effect the world. Using direct quotes from “The good wife”,” The Friday Everything Changed”, “Praxis”, and “Mushrooms” the poet captured the essence of breaking away from the stereotypes that are made. This poem is also about how people can rise against society, despite how heavily we are chained to the ground, and molded into thinking we are anything less than extraordinary. In this poem, there is alliterations, metaphors, and hyperboles to enhance imagery of this piece.