Precalculus 11 week 13

Graphing absolute value quadratics. When graphing an absolute value quadratic’s you basically reflect whatever is below the x axis.


Original Y = -x^2+5 is red

Absolute Y = l-x^2+5l is blue

If the whole parabola is below the x axis this is what it looks like.

Original Y = -x^2-3 is green

absolute Y = l-x^2-3lis blue

Pre calculus week 11

What stood out to me this week was plotting quadratic inniqualitys with 2 variables. This means instead of just on the x axis we are now on x and y axis creating diagonal and vertical lines. We also have to shade one side of the line.

here are some examples

In the first example you can see the line is dotted witch means that the symbol is either <or> and on the second one the line is solid witch means the symbol is either (greater than or equal) or (less than or equal to).

these are those symbols

The possible out comes are

Precaculus 11 Week 10

This week was mostly tests and studying but we also learned how to plot quadratic iniquities an a number line / x axis.


First review the basics.


Now an example including solution.

Plot on line.

Insert answer into original question to find out if the circle is open or closed.

Then we know our answer is correct and we know the circle is open.

Precalculus 11 week 6

This week what stood out to me was finding out how to identify perfect square trinomials. below is an example of a perfect square trinomial.


To make sure it is a perfect square trinomial you have to divide the middle number by 2 then square it, the number you get should be the last number if it is not that means it is not a perfect square trinomial.

Math Week 3 Blog Post

This week in class we learn how to make a number into an absolute value. In short, it is finding how far away from 0 a number is on a number line. when you are asked to find an entire radical you will see a number with two lines on either side of the number.

Eg. l-45l = 45

Eg. l32l = 32

If there is a minus symbol on the outside it means the radical will be negative.

Eg. -l-28l = -28