My digital footprint

tell-others-about-us downloaddigital-footprint-e1401195518148For this project is made a script.


Other: hi.
Other:do you know about your digital footprint.
Me: yes obviously Mr Robinson told us about them.
Other: well did you make sure that yours is a good one
Me:no I didn’t have time.
Other:well you do realize that your boss or collage is going to look you up before they accept you.Me: gasp
Other:by that gasp I can tell you need to do some work.
Me: yes but how can I keep my digital footprint clean and appropriate.
Other: well you could try to Google yourself
Me:OK *types name in computer* OMG!!! How did my lip sync of Taylor Swift get on
Here i deleted it
Other: well what goes on the Internet net stays on the Internet maybe next time you make a lip sync video don’t post it. Or make the video private so only your family can see it.
Me: NO I don’t want my parents to see this
Other:Also You Could Not post stupid stuf
Me: sound good.
Other:wow your more mature than I thought you would be.
Me: nope I’m still immature.
Other: well I hope you pass this information on.
Me:I will

Other: sounds great.