What it means to be human…

Humans want to feel included

Humans persist in dificult situations

Humans need friends and family

Humans need hopes and dreems

Humans need to communicate

Humans need to understand others

Humans addapt to there enviroment

Humans seek knowledge

Humans are greedy

Humans sometimes strive to be a better society

Humans can be prejudice

My favorite TV series is Death note and I learned that power can take over your life and destroy you if your greedy.

11.1 Factors Influencing Data Collection.

When I first read the article, I thought why would more people want to buy the more expensive shirt.

After learning about influencing factors, I now think because of the age that the survey was targeted at the results would be biased.

In the future, when reading and interpreting survey data I will pay more atention to the details and the Result.

Mutation Story

How does cancer start well humans bodies are made up of 100 million million cells. It starts when just one of all those cells begins to grow and multiply too much. they multiply so much that the Bodie cannot control the growth. this growth is called a tumour and can be very dangerous. de pending on the type of cancer you have it can travel through the blood stream. If too much pressure is put on the tumour and it is close to a muscle such as the brain. Cancer is primarily evident in older people but it is somewhat random kids get cancer all the time. For example “In the UK in 2012-2014, on average each year half (50%) of cases were diagnosed in people aged 70 and over”

what are some symptoms of cancer?

  • Bowel changes. Bowel changes.
  • Rectal bleeding. Rectal bleeding.
  • Urinary changes. Urinary changes.
  • Blood in your urine. Blood in your urine.
  • Persistent back pain. Persistent back pain.
  • Unusual coughing. Unusual coughing.
  • Testicular lumps. Testicular lumps.


Hello I an cancer I am terrible, sure I just one cell but I multiply fast and guess what I WONT DIE. well Sure you can try but it won’t be easy your feel terrible and sick, you will lose all of your hair and be weak. I am the worst thin to happen to Henry oh ya I am starting to grow in Henrys leg. Henry doesn’t no it yet and his mom says its ‘growing pains’ but no its something much worse… me. a while later henrys mom takes him to the hospital and the doctors give henrys parents the bad news, I’m in town. So hey decides to get chemo and fight me well that kill some of me but ass soon as I get big enough I choose where to go. the radiation has shrunk me and now they will try to give Henry surgery and remove me well they took some but not all. a mont goes by and I’m back they repeat the radiation and sth surgery and then I am finally gone. but you better hope I don’t come back and or set up home In side of a fried or family member because I touch everyone.


The reason I chose Cancer as my mutation to do a project on is because I have bee personal touched my cancer multiple times. and wether we like it or not it will eventually effect our lives. Cancer is so common and so quick to ruin lives for that reason cancer is one of the worst mutations.



Principles Of Learning

I think the principals of learning effect us every day and especially in some of our science projects, like the SSEP project where we made experiments that had a chance at going into space. They were also important in out engineering brightest project where we made lights and talked to people in the Dominican Republic over Skype. These are the principals of learning.


Recognizing the consequences of one’s actions : This was very important because for good or bad there is consequences to all of our actions. like in the SSEP project we had the chance to send something out side of out atmosphere and maybe help someone with the results we got.


Connectedness : Connectedness was extremely I’m portent in our Engineering Brightness project. We had to skip chat with the Dominican Republic and another grade 11 class that had worked on this project before use and they gave us good suggestions. they suggested that we not try the hand crank but to stick with what we know solar energy.


Patience and time : we had to use patients and time when we were printing our light it took 5 hours each time. the firs time w printed it id was too small so it was a wist of plastic and time but fail often succeed faster. that is a saying that a very smart person told me.


The well-being of the self, the family, the community, the land, the spirits, and the ancestors: we might not have benefited off of our land or family but we may have helped other families in the Dominican Republic with our light designs and fund raising.

In condition the first peoples principals are very useful and apply to almost everything. day to day I don’t really notice these things but now that I have sat down and wrote this post I fell like I need to thank the first peoples principals for every thing that it has done.



Artifacts of learning Engineering Brightness

During the engineering brightness project I worked together with Liam to create a 3D model of a light for people in light poverty. Before this project I did not know about the word light poverty but now I have learnt so much thank to Mr. Robinson. We had to then print the prototype which is easier said than done. we had to measure all of the dimensions perfectly and we had multiple failed prints, one time the print was too small and another time it fell over while it was printing. we had lots of trial and error but we came through and finished the complete light. all we need to finish is the circuit board and battery. this is a picture of one of the failed prints.

My Environmental Interactions

While everyone goes through there day wether they want to or not they impact the enviroment maybe not that drastically and you may not even notice it. But for good or bad we impact the environment and we can’t help it.

midnight the day starts… technicaly I am breathing, exhaling co2 witch is damaging the atmosphere I will continue to inhale and exhale all day at least I hope then I wake up and take a shower no more than 5 minutes but I use 10.5 gallons of water, I take that water from the hydro sphere impacting it just a little bit every day but at least I’m clean. I then get ready for school, i eat breakfast and leave, my mom drives me in her car witch is constantly emiting co2 witch is damaging the atmosphere. as I look out my window I see the sidewalks littered with trash which is killing animals and destroying the earth which effects the biosphere and the geosphere. I get through my fist two classes and its time for lunch. I eat my lunch and throw away the garbage which slightly impacts the atmosphere and the geosphere.then I finish my last two classes and hop on the bus. The buss like my moms Car is constantly emiting co2 witch is damaging the atmosphere. I get home and I do my home work then watch TV. All the lights are on and I’m using my TV and Xbox I am also charging all my devices using electricity witch Is created mostly with dams which are using the hydrosphere.

Those are some of the ways I impact all of the spheres everyday. I know I probably for got some ways that we don’t notice everyday. Here are some pictures of how I use the hydrosphere electricity and water.