Math 11 Edublog Post #2

This week the thing that I learned in class that I found the most interesting was how to find the sum of an infinite geometric series. For a geometric series to be infinite the common ratio (r) has to be greater than -1 and less than 1 (Ex. 0.89).

The equation to find the sum of an infinite geometric series you have to use the following equation


if we had a series with the 1st term being 3 and the difference being 0.72 then the equation would look like the following.






Math 11 Edublog post #1

This week I learned a lot of new things but one that stood out was finding out how to add up all the numbers in a arithmetic sequence. The formula we use is below.

S_n=(t_1+t_n)\cdot (n\div2)

In a sequence such as 1,3,5,7,9 to find S_{23} you would have to use the above equation as well as and equation to find t_{23} the solution is as follows in the picture of my work.


Kaleb and Liam’s Rube Goldberg Project

Blue prints/brainstorm of our project

A: The phone vibrates down the ramp hitting a marble that s on a stop that turns potential energy into kenetic a energy as it goes down a ramp hitting a lever.

B: A marble hits the bottom the lever witch hits the car above.

C: The car travels down a ramp over the chair falling in a basket.

D: The car fals in the basket lifting a lever that is blocking a large marble.

E: The marble is re-elected and rolls down a woden path.

F: The marble falls on the mouse trap witch lets the flag go.

G: The weights on the other side of the tower drag the flag up.(raising the flag)


1 section A when potential energy turns into kenetick energy with the marble.

2 section C-D when kenetic energy turns into more kenetic energy with the lever

3 section f the mouse trap uses elastic energy and is set off using kenetic energy

Video of project

“What literature has taught me about the effects of racism”


“What literature has taught me about the effects of racism”


“Kaleb Guthrie”

Its a little embarrassing but before this semester I didn’t know about residential schools; and I am a 16th native. The danger of silence gave me a whole new outlook on the statement “speak up.” Before listening to the danger of silence I had never thought about speaking you truth as in-depth as I did. Watching The Book Thief gave me a new perspective on the effects of world war and how there are always two sides of a story. Reading and watching Romeo And Juliet has shown me  that emotions, feelings and, culture can provoke a immense shift in anyones life and well being. Finally first they came for the jews thought me to speak up for not just myself but others as well. Over all this semester of English class has taught me Manny lessons and outlooks on life that I will use forever.