Digital Footprint

Keeping a clean digital footprint is important for your future, if you say or post something bad or regrettable and you are looking for a positon for a job and they see that post and don’t like it maybe that lowers or eliminates your chance of getting that position. Maybe you posted something about a friend that he didn’t want anyone to know and they see it later on and they may no longer be your friend so you have to be careful what you post because you may lose opportunities or friends.

A strategy to use when trying to keep your digital is to keep your social media private, even though it is not keeping you from posting things that may not be the best it is not showing everything you say away from people you delete repeated word don’t know but allows people who I trust to see it. Thinking before you post is extremely important, before you post something you have to think will this offend anyone or hurt anyone’s feelings and even will this effect me, I it does just don’t post it.

If I were to teach a class I would tell them to set all of there social media on private to keep them safe from anyone who doesn’t know them away from any of there personal information. I’d teach them how it could effect there future and how they might not get the job that they want. So it would make them think about hat they are posting.

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