My Five Drive

I honestly feel like I could have done much better than what I did but I did enjoy some things. I enjoyed how I told my story, I thought I told the story pretty accurately. I feel as though I was able to tell it accurately because it was a pretty important chapter of my […]

I am from

I am fro a path. From privelege and grass fields. I am from the gentle bright street. Confident, ignorant, I am sorry. I am from a nest. Warm, cozy and safe. I’m from camping and laughter. From Devon and Ed. I am from the family dinners and the sunny vacations. From saying “fluff” instead of […]

Émission #2- « Nous Déménageons »

« Nous Déménageons » Un enfant par le nom de Jig était informé que sa famille déménage à Boston. Il ne veut pas quitter ses amis, mais il est force de partir à une autre école et une autre vie. Émission #2- « Je le déteste » Dans ce podcast, Jig donne son opinion sur sa nouvelle maison et […]