Canadian identity

First nation people were the very first people came in Canada. The first nation was called the Indian but the Canada don’t want to be racist so they called the Indian the first nation. the First nation people are the predominant aboriginal people in Canada south of the Arctic.

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The maple leaf is precious in Canada because there is so many maple trees in Canada. and the maple leaf is part of the Canadian flag too. the maple leaf was one of numerous emblems proposed to represent the society. the maple leaf was very attracted to the French Canadian.

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math10 Week#18

the 5 things that is important to my success in math 10.

1st. don’t try on the end of the chapter because its more stressful if you see that your failing you just start trying just because you want to pass the course. always try from the beginning so its more easier for you to pass math 10.
2nd. Follow the instruction a so you know what to do and always do your homework so you know what to do and homework is kinda practicing what you just learned.
3rd. always hand in something on time so you don t have to do it at the same time. for example blog post every week always do it every week so you don t have to do it at the really early test and harder test.
4th. never skip the class or missed as possible because every chapter is important. Because if you miss at least 1 lesson its going to be hard to catch up if your not a fast learner.
5th. lasts is be friendly in class and be able to communicate to the other people because if you need help they can help you because you been friendly and you communicate to others.

Math 10 Week#14

This week i learned about interpreting function and Distance formula
The graph of f is the graph of the equation y = f(x). Use function notation, evaluate functions for inputs in their domains, and interpret statements that use function notation in terms of a context. Recognize that sequences are functions, sometimes defined recursively, whose domain is a subset of the integers.
he distance formula is derived from the Pythagorean theorem. To find the distance between two points (x1,y1) and (x2,y2), all that you need to do is use the coordinates of these ordered pairs and apply the formula that is given to you.

math 10 week#16

this week i learned about equation and what are some step to solve the equation. I learned 3 different ways to solve the equation. first the slope y-intercept form y=mx+b. second the General form Ax+By+C=0 It always has to be positive in front and it always has to equal zero. Third is the point slope form m(x-x)=y-y or y-y =m(x-x).

math 10 week#15

This week i learned about the slope,parallel and perpendicular lines, equations of lines, desmos.
A line is said to be perpendicular to another line if the two lines intersect at a right angle.
The equation of a line is typically written as y=mx+b where m is the slope and b is the y-intercept.
Slope is often denoted by the letter m; there is no clear answer to the question why the letter m is used for slope.
for example the rise is 12 and the run is 18 so the slope is gonna be 12/18.

Math10 Week#13

This week I learned about Domain, Range, set and interval notation. x axis is a straight line and the y axis is a vertical line.
Domain is the set of all numbers for the independent variables in the relations.
Range is the set of all numbers for the dependent variables in the relations
Function is a special relations were every input has only one output.
There is two way to solved this Equation. Mapping Notation and Function Notation.

Every time so see the an x or any letter to change it with the input.

Its the same as the mapping notation if you saw an x or any letter you change it with the input.

Math10 Week#12

This week we introduced the patterns and grapping.
– Discrete variable is a variable that are counted like people, car and any other that can count.
– Continuous variables is a variable that are measure like time and distance.

Every part of the squared have a name the upside right is called Quadrant #1 (+ +) the upside left is called the quadrant #2 (- +). The bottom left side is called the Quadrant #3 (- -) and the last one is the Quadrant #4 (+ -). There is a five ways to find out which is independent and the dependent the Table of value, Mapping Diagram, Equation, Graph, and Ordered of pair.

Math 10 Week#11

This week I we were learning to make connections between units in preparation for midterm exam. and I learned some basic information about the Linear Relations.

It start with 2 and it increases with 6.