Matter matters


a) These concepts might be hard to understand because these concepts may not be common knowledge and may be hard to understand. It is also the first year we learn chemistry. Maybe it’s new for your word and hard to explained. And it’s your first time you heard that word.

b)These idea fit under the heading of matter because they explain what matter is in a more detailed way, and are all connected to matter.

c) We can make something engaging by making it visually appealing and attracts your attention as well as informs you.


We can show this information by doing a: kahoot game, crossword, video, movie, play, song, Powerpoint,


The process of completing this project helped me learn the way to solve question and finish my work. I think I did well on making a powerpoint and try to make it more engaging. I could have down it better by starting the research earlier. I done a lot of searching for this project some of them is computer idea and my partner idea too. Some of idea in this project is my partner idea I ask him for some information that I can add.