Its time to show off all that you have learned in the pop up unit.

You are to create the big, grand finale pop-up page with MULTIPLE pop ups and much finesse and grandeur.

1.      Select a theme.  It can be a famous story scene, a wildlife theme, a poem scene, or whatever you choose.  The theme  has to be strongly represented by the pop up work.

2.      Make your one page pop up bigger than normal.  Bigger isn’t always spectacular, however the grand pop up spreads that we’ve seen in the artists’ examples are mostly huge. You will have to either select a large piece of paper or glue a few pieces together to make this.

3.      The complexity of the technical work involved needs to be superb.  You can use multiple techniques, or have several different pop ups in different areas of the page, or have one extremely complex piece of pop up engineering.

4.      The artful decoration of the work needs to be superb.  Some of you use coloured paper cut-outs while others are drawing and colouring.  Cut-out print-outs(downloaded images)  will not receive as many marks as hand decorated illustrations.

5.      Due in one week – Thursday, May 28. You will need to present your grand final pop up at a Teams meeting (critique).  It is important that you present your final work because this sharing of ideas benefits the whole class.  Therefor your presentation will be awarded 10 marks out of this project’s total 100%.  We will meet through Microsoft Teams at 1:00 on Thursday, May 28.