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Today in Studio Art 3D

Unit #3 -Lesson 3 -Found Object /Spare Parts Assemblage Sculpture

This is the final project of the course.  This project is a significant one in terms of the time that you are to spend on it – give it the full three hours required for the last week of classes…. Continue Reading →

Unit 3- Found Object Art -Lesson #2- Assemblage

Assemblage is a form of sculpture comprised of “found” objects arranged in such a way that they create a complete art work. Basically assemblage is three dimensional collage.  The objects can be anything organic or human-made. Scraps of wood, stones, old… Continue Reading →


“Found object” art describes artwork that uses objects not typically specified as art supplies.  Found object artists manipulate objects, essentially make them into something new, yet still keep the original objects recognisable. top row) Marcel Duchamp, “Bicycle Wheel”, 1916; Man… Continue Reading →

Unit 2-FINAL Project

Its time to show off all that you have learned in the pop up unit. You are to create the big, grand finale pop-up page with MULTIPLE pop ups and much finesse and grandeur. 1.      Select a theme.  It can… Continue Reading →

Unit 2- Lesson #6 – Pop-up Art Appreciation (Appreciating the Art of Paper Engineering)

All art classes pause making art so as to spend some time looking at what the professional artists are doing.  Through such viewings we artists gain an appreciation for the artistic work of others.  As well we gain an awareness… Continue Reading →

Unit 2 – Lesson #5 – Pop-ups, Using the Pyramid Stand for The Shower

Welcome back. The twister and the vertical Riser are providing students with some really cool construction methods for pop up art.  The ideas that you folks come up with using those technologies are amazing. For this next lesson you need… Continue Reading →

Unit 2- Lesson #4 – Pop-ups V-fold continued

Hello there!  Your Pop-ups are getting technical and intricate.  They look great. This week the goal is to increase your technical skills in pop-up technology.  The idea is to expand on your methods of construction so that you evolve into… Continue Reading →

Unit 2-Lesson 3 – Pop Ups and the V Fold

To give you inspiration and motivation I’d like you to see this beautiful work of 3D Art.  Click on the link and see the whole book.  It’s super impressive: Take a search through the internet for a pop up that… Continue Reading →

Unit 2- POP-UP Sculptures – Lesson 2

You should have completed the first Unit on “Model Sheets”, handed in your final model sheet assignment, and posted your work and reflection on your edublog.  This was all due LAST WEEK!  If you haven’t finished that work then get… Continue Reading →

Unit 2- POP-UP Sculptures – Lesson 1 -Introduction

It’s the last week in April!!  Oh my Gosh!  Where did the days go? You folks did a magnificent job of character designing.  Your model sheets are fantastic. For a whole NEW approach to 3D art I want to mess… Continue Reading →

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