Sketchbook Assignment #3 – Playful Imaginings

Playful Imaginings Assignment – Due Tuesday, May 24

20 marks                                 

The artist is expected to think creatively.  This is not that easy – it takes practice to come up with new ideas all the time.

Katherine Brooks writes about 19 DAILY habits that artists can practice to enhance one’s creative intelligence (  2017).  Here are some of the haibts:

 1. Let go of your idea of “perfect.”

2. Allow yourself to have fun at Art.

3. Silence your inner critic.

4. You, not the work, can be your worst enemy.

5. Humble yourself from time to time.

6. Clear your mind before creating, and clear your workspace.

7. Find inspiration in mundane, everyday places.

8. Try being impulsive with your work.

9.  Failure can sometimes lead to something amazing.

10.  Sometimes there won’t be a finished product, and that’s okay.


This sketchbook assignment asks you to be adventurous and playful, and to find inspiration in everyday places.

You are to select an everyday object from around your house.  Pick something small, interesting in its shape, form, or purpose.  The object should fit in the palm of your hand, no bigger.

You are to open your sketchbook to a clean, clear double page spread and use the object 13 times to make 12 different drawings from it.  Here the everyday object was a whistle.  Victor had fun making 16 different sketches using the object’s shape.  Some of them are pretty fun:

Victor placed the photo of the whistle on the [age to best illustrate the exercise, BUT I ask you to draw the object each time.  Fill your double page spread.  12 different drawings are required. You might need to squish the drawings together, or even overlap a couple to get them all to fit on the one spread.

That’s it!

Criteria for evaluation:

  1. Are there 12 DIFFERENT illustrations?
  2. Is the object drawn with detail each time?
  3. Is the illustration drawn with details?
  4. How creative (unique, /funny, /elaborate) are your ideas?

Marked     / 20