Art History Remake – Home Work Assignment

Major Project        Mark    /100 This whole project will be due  June 24 Objectives of this project are as follows: Learn deeply about a specific historical work

Homework Lesson #5 – Fibres And Fabrics Research

Homework Lesson #5 – Fibres And Fabrics Research Due May 25.              Mark   /40 The following is a RESEARCH assignment. You are to complete this

Homework Assignment #3 and 4- Draw Croquis

This  2- PART Lesson is to be completed in the 4 hours of “Home study” time that you have this week. Drawing Fashion Croquis Successful fashion designers need to be


DRAWING WITH TEXTURE ASSIGNMENT #1 – PARTS A & B-     Due-  Monday, May 10 Drawing with Texture – 20 marks Texture is one of the 7 Elements of Design,

Homework Assignment #2 – Technical Flat

Technical Flat Illustrations assignment – Due May 6 15 marks For Fashion Design Technical Flat sketches, also called  technical flats, or just “flats” in the fashion industry, are a black and

Final Project – Found Objects Character sculpture

  These three have been presented to me on a model sheet, as was required: PopeSerenity-Pipe Person Model Sheet MacLeodOlivia-final  

Unit #3 -Lesson 3 -Found Object /Spare Parts Assemblage Sculpture

This is the final project of the course.  This project is a significant one in terms of the time that you are to spend on it – give it the

Abstract Found Object Relief Sculptures

by Eva Xue by Megan Wong   by Savannah Wasylyk   by Hailey Wallace by Stephanie Pinto   by Olivia MacLeod by Ana Arango

Unit #4 – Lesson 3 – Pattern – Final Assignment

Following this lesson you will find the last assignment of the course. We have been looking at and making PATTERNS as Art. Thank you to for their contributions

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