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Final Project – Found Objects Character sculpture

  These three have been presented to me on a model sheet, as was required: PopeSerenity-Pipe Person Model Sheet MacLeodOlivia-final  

Final Children’s Books


Unit #3 -Lesson 3 -Found Object /Spare Parts Assemblage Sculpture

This is the final project of the course.  This project is a significant one in terms of the time that you are to spend on it – give it the full three hours required for the last week of classes…. Continue Reading →

Abstract Found Object Relief Sculptures

by Eva Xue by Megan Wong   by Savannah Wasylyk   by Hailey Wallace by Stephanie Pinto   by Olivia MacLeod by Ana Arango

Unit #4 – Lesson 3 – Pattern – Final Assignment

Following this lesson you will find the last assignment of the course. We have been looking at and making PATTERNS as Art. Thank you to for their contributions to this lesson. Patterns Patterns have way of having a … Continue Reading →

Unit #2 – Lesson 6 -“Publishing” Your Book using Power Point video

Now that your book illustrations are complete and your cover design is finished you need to publish. You are asked to use Power Point to do so, or if you are a Mac user then Mac’s equivalent.  This lesson will… Continue Reading →

Unit #4- Lesson 2 – Making a Mirror Repeat Pattern

This lesson demonstrates how to design a ‘mirror’ repeat pattern using any image (photograph or real object) as your source material. It will also teach you how to use a simple ‘trace and transfer’ technique where you ‘mirror’ and ‘flip’ your image to… Continue Reading →

Unit #2- Lesson 5 – The Cover Design

The book market is a crazy competitive one.  The cover of one’s book is the “make it or break it” part of your book because if no one buys it it cannot flourish. The design of the cover needs to… Continue Reading →

The Readymade

 Float Away, by Ellie Kwak      Shine On,  by Serenity Pope                Boiled Egg Slicer as a Card Holder,   by Monica Michel:                Digital Art,    by… Continue Reading →

Unit 3- Found Object Art -Lesson #2- Assemblage

Assemblage is a form of sculpture comprised of “found” objects arranged in such a way that they create a complete art work. Basically assemblage is three dimensional collage.  The objects can be anything organic or human-made. Scraps of wood, stones, old… Continue Reading →

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