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Unit 2 – wrap-up

Once you are finished your FINAL project you need to complete these FOUR tasks:: Please photograph the work with as clear a photo as you can manage. – try to light the work but be careful not to cause light-glare… Continue Reading →

Unit 2-Lesson #4 – Illustrating the Book

Here are a couple of examples of student work from previous years:   Once you have storyboarded the whole story thereby completing your plan with a pacing and set of illustrations that work show the story effectively,… Continue Reading →

Unit 2-FINAL Project

Its time to show off all that you have learned in the pop up unit. You are to create the big, grand finale pop-up page with MULTIPLE pop ups and much finesse and grandeur. 1.      Select a theme.  It can… Continue Reading →

Character Designs for Children’s storybook

Unit 2- Lesson #6 – Pop-up Art Appreciation (Appreciating the Art of Paper Engineering)

All art classes pause making art so as to spend some time looking at what the professional artists are doing.  Through such viewings we artists gain an appreciation for the artistic work of others.  As well we gain an awareness… Continue Reading →

Unit 2-Lesson #3 -Plan you children’s book on a STORYBOARD

Last lesson you learned the essentials of designing a good character for your children’s book.   Good Character Design – the character ‘s traits need to be easily understood by little children. Therefor the character’s design needs to speak what the… Continue Reading →

V-Fold the Twister and the Vertical Riser

Unit 2 – Lesson #5 – Pop-ups, Using the Pyramid Stand for The Shower

Welcome back. The twister and the vertical Riser are providing students with some really cool construction methods for pop up art.  The ideas that you folks come up with using those technologies are amazing. For this next lesson you need… Continue Reading →

Unit 2 -Lesson 5 – Shuvinai Ashoona influences the unit’s final project

Through this unit you have been closely examining the work of Shuvinai Ashoona.  Some things about her work that are noteworthy are: Her point of views – often times she uses a “birds eye view” which gives a very different… Continue Reading →

Unit #2 – Lesson 2 – Designing the MAIN CHARACTER for Children’s Book Illustration

As a pre-amble  to this lesson, here is an example of a children’s book re-illustrated: Sarah Maycock re-illustrated Audrey and Don Woods Quick as a Cricket This is the Original: This is Sarah Maycock’s remake (she’s changed the wording… Continue Reading →

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