Unit 1- Lesson #2-Character Design and Model Sheet Unit -TUESDAY, April 13

Hi!  Welcome back!  Happy Spring.  The weather is great I hope you are getting out in it.

Have you been doing any art of your own design, for no other reason than just to make art?  If so, send photos of it to me.

Last week you learned to draw a MODEL SHEET.  The model sheet that you sent to me should have had:

  1. Four drawings of one common object in one horizontal row.
  2. All four drawings the exact same height
  3. Horizontal guidelines through the drawings to mark body parts so that the parts in every drawing line up with the others
  4. Four different viewpoints of the same object.

Here is an example of a really good model sheet:        

You should have sent me a photo of your model sheet from last week.  If you didn’t, GET TO IT!  Its worth marks 😊


I’d like you to enter the world of imaginary characters.  Mickey Mouse, Spongebob, Aladdin and so many more.  Shout out your favourite character designs!!!  Take a look at the top 10 on this website:    https://www.smashingmagazine.com/2008/08/10-awesome-contemporary-character-designs/

You will explore how successful artists create a new, imaginative, and successful character designs for sculpting in 3 dimensions.    

You will then create 3 imaginative characters of your own design.

So let’s get started

Today I’d like you to practice designing an imaginary character using different shapes for the character’s silhouette:

You will need:  pencil, eraser, sketchbook

The first most important principle of good, memorable imaginary character design is that the character’s SILOUETTE needs to be distinguishable.  For example, if I blackened in the body of Mickey Mouse, or Bart Simpson everyone would know who the character was simply by its silhouette.  So to draw an imaginary character with a unique and distinguishable silhouette I recommend that you begin drawing with a basic shape.  Take a look at what Sycra does in this video.

Watch the video, then in your sketchbook design three different characters, each using : first triangles, then circles, and then rectangles. Use your eraser, draw details and features, make the characters unique with impressive features.


When you are finished your three character designs take photos of each and send them to me at my email address, and tell me which of the three is your favourite.

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