BC power story

hero_canadas-top-employers-for-young-people-bc-hydroElectricity generation:
in poco we have 2 main sources to get electricity. the two sources are, hydroelectric generation and thermal generation. so how hydroelectric generation works is by the hydroelectric dams. this dam has 4 steps to make electricity. 1 is the penstock. water flows from through the huge pipes called penstocks. 2 is turbines. the penstocks spin the turbine blades which spins the turbine shaft. next is the generator. the shaft is connected to the generator. a generator spins a huge electromagnet at a constant pace to generate electricity. the last thing that works for these dams are the transformers. electricity is passed through the transformer.

thermal power station:
these station use fuel such as coal, oil, or gas is burned in a furnace to produce heat chemical to heat energy.this heat then is used to change water into steam in the boiler. the steam drives the turbine – heat to kinetic energy. this drives the generator to produce electricity – kinetic to electrical energy.