What mean girls character do each of the boys represent?

Mean girls is one of the best teen movies out there. It is funny, has great one liners and very unrealistic. It is still amazing to vegetate in front of the tv and watch it after a long day of boring school. (No offense future teacher who reads this). Lord of the flies on the other hand is a book you kinda had to read in English 11. You either hated it or liked it. I actually liked it. Kept me on my toes. These two pieces I am comparing have some similar stereotypes following the character. So, lets see what I believe is the best match in persona.

Ralph = Miss Norbury
Ralph is basically the leading role in lord of the flies. He’s the protagonist. Miss Norbury in mean girls is very much not the protagonist. That’s maybe besides the gender the only thing that could be different about these two. Miss Norbury is Cady heron’s math teacher and tries her best to lead Cady down a better path. She put up with Cady for so long and wasn’t upset with her even when she spread rumors about the beloved teacher. Miss Norbury even let her join the mathletes at the end of the year. Ralph throughout the story is trying to make jack better and help along. Even though jack left the group Ralph still attended the party her through. I find these two-two-quite similar.

Jack = Cady Heron

I believe hands down Jack is Cady. Cady becomes the big bad during the movie after bringing down Regina and her minions. She got everything she wanted and it came handed to her. But in the beginning Jack was similar to Cady in being somewhat nice and somewhat listening to what Ralph had to say. Then when people started to follow Cady and she became more in power she lost the important views in life and only cared about one thing: popularity. Jack only cared about hunting. Similar much? I sure think so.

Piggy = Janis
Janis is literally one of my favorite characters in means girl. Well besides little miss dumb blondie ill get to in a sec. Piggy also I wont lie was one of my favorites. Yes, he was Hella annoying sometimes but you could say the same about Janis. Piggy also never did any grunt work. He was the brains so why should he have to? Right? Janis was similar in that way because while Cady went around destroying the plastics perfect status Janis was just the brains of the operation and she didn’t do anything. Also, her views were straight ahead the whole time and so was piggy’s. Only difference is Janis at least didn’t die. Still not over that. RIP Piggy.

Simon = Karen smith

Okay, yes, I’ll admit this is a weird one. But let me tell you it’ll make sense. Karen probably had no clue what is going on during the whole movie of mean girls. She probably had no clue there were sides and went where ever she found was the shiniest place. Simon didn’t pick sides. He kinda was just there. They are also both very nice and friendly.

Roger = Regina
Regina is literally evil and so is Roger. The only thing that gets Regina close to being an okay person was for her to join a sport which she is probably a total control freak with anyways. Roger remains the same terrible person throughout the story and basically so does Regina. They also both have R names so I think that’s a sign. Just saying.

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