They Aren’t The Flinstones

Should sports teams be allowed to have first nations names as their logos or for mascots? I think not. Not even sure why this is being debated about today. Oh yeah that’s right, some people thought it would be a good idea to use different races as team names. Well isn’t that smart. Good job guys. Totally being equal here.

But its not so much the idea of making these teams have “history” as some coaches would say but rather the fact of how much they stereotype in the logos or mascots. Seriously its terrible. They have faces of the first nations from back when they were first found. These teams are still with those logos now in 2018. Why? Like come on guys, No one is dressing like Pocahontas anymore! Unless you’re a 6-year-old girl dressing up for Halloween. Still regretting that decision now. In ‘sorry for being a stereotype’ there were a bunch of things said about the way people see herself and the other first nations “You know. Long black hair, braids, feathers, beads.”. (Pyrillis) They aren’t educated in the how these people are just like everyone else. One thing that is a huge bother about racism is the fact that we are all human. The same species though we look different. Technically we haven’t invented clones yet so, no one actually looks alike. If that’s the logic then shouldn’t everyone be racists to everyone? Just saying. These coaches and officials however are being very stuck in their ways. In the case of the Edmonton Eskimos that name isn’t being changed. A poll was put out near the beginning of February to get the name changed. A lot of first nations are speaking up about how the name Eskimo’s sounds derogatory to their people. It was a name created by the settlers. It in other words it makes them sound like caveman. Like them as a whole they are stupid and uncapable of regular everyday things. But the first nations aren’t saying to demolish the whole idea of the name being a cultural reference. They just want a compromise. Make it nicer to their community. This was proposed a few years ago but the team said no to this. But just guessing this didn’t stop them because well now theirs a poll. In ‘Totem’ a very good symbol and metaphor is used throughout the short story. The totems are symbols for the first nations. The whole time the totems are making noises and the people are cutting them down. It’s a huge metaphor for what has happened in the past. The ignoring of these people’s words and feelings “maybe if we ignore it, it will stop singing”. (King)

Now its time for a change. They will be heard and they deserve to be heard. These team logos and names need to be changed.