Float your boat

By: Grace McLeod

Blk: D Science 10

Group: Jenna, Taylor, Manroop and Grace (ME)

Problem: make a boat that can hold the most amount of pennies.

Hypothesis: if the surface area is larger then the boat will hold more pennies because the space is so large it will take awhile to fill the boat.


This is our boat. My group and I had the winning boat. We beat both our classes record and the A blocks class record with 169 pennies.


Our idea for the boat was to create a larger surface area so that it could hold more pennies. The group and I folded over the sides to make sure water didn’t come pouring in . we also put the marshmallows on the bottom to make the boat float. The last bit of marshmallow that we had was put in the corners so the boat didn’t leak or create holes. The label also contributed in taping up the holes.

The one thing I’d change about the boat is to fold the sides over twice. The boat was able to fit a lot of pennies but if the boats sides were folded over once more I think it would have not collapsed in on its sides by the water