The person I used to be….


I used to be a person not sure of my identity.
Being singled out was the direction my life was in.
Like sheep I began to follow the crowd, But I was never proud.

My light was beginning to fade and darkness was beginning to circle my heart,
But two angels came down and led me down a different path.
I felt warm and cared for in these Angels arms, As if I couldn’t be hurt anymore.
I felt as if I were a flower in spring, Blooming high and beautiful.
My world looked like Olympus.

Only if it weren’t just an illusion.
Slowly I began to realize I had gone deeper into the darkness,
Those Angels weren’t who they appeared as.
Long nails, ugly faces and sharp teeth showed through the magic dust that masked my vision of their true identity.
I looked at Myself in a mirror and saw the same horrid figure.
I was a nightmare dressed like a daydream.

Running was the only thing I could find myself to do,
Away from the monster I had become and towards the light once again.
A wall stood in my way,
I could hear the birds and the soft laughter out beyond this wall.
Nothing could get me back there,
I had lost that privilege when I lost myself,
Closing my eyes I took a breath.

I am not a monster, I am not royalty and I am not the darkness.
I am a girl who hasn’t found her true identity yet but I won’t ride someone else’s because that’s not who I am.
I am the person I want to be and the person I was meant to be.

~ the person i used to be is a poem written by Grace McLeod. Grace used her heart and memory of her past events in her writing. the main theme of this poem is identity. She used to be be bullied and that is shown in the first stanza. McLeod directly shows the problem and then uses sheep as a metaphor as being a follower. The next stanza brings up the angels. The angels are a metaphor for a saving grace. i am thinking two people she befriended who were similar to the people who bullied her. the angels were also an allusion from the bible. the light and darkness is another allusion to the bible. one more allusion is mentioned later on where McLeod refers to Olympus which is a biblical allusion. Grace then shows a shift in things. the “two angels” she befriended have changed to something horrible. the poet says she finds herself looking in the mirror and finding the same awful features in her own self. Grace says running is the only thing she can do but she was stopped in front of a wall. the wall was another metaphor for herself. she had subconsciously put that wall there when she chose the miss guided path that had been splayed out for her. she new she had ruined going back to the person she was. Grace had to create her new self. A grown up version of the old self but a stronger one. someone she was meant to be. the inquiry question that i felt fit this poem the best was number 17: how do we distinguish right from wrong? this question i thought was answered through this poem and at the same time it wasn’t. this will sound confusing at the beginning. it depends in what the situation is. if it has to do with something that isn’t a weakness of someones or a personal problem then it is easier to decide whether or not it’s wrong or right. if it is personal then it might not seem clear if it’s wrong or right until the last minute. until it can be to late and the damage has already been created. ~

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