Sustainability of farm salmon

The fact that it can’t survive by itself and that its depended of other fishes takes away the sustainability for me. The fact that they are getting viruses because of the close space means that Its not a stable way for the salmon to live. We are compromising the salmon existence just to satisfy our desire of money and fish. 

There is no sustainability is farms, is just an easier and safer way to hunt fish because one already have it. Its seams that with the way we are going we will cause the extinction of this animal, not his long lasting survival.

How sustainable is BC’s Forestry Industry?

Forest industry is not very sustainable. The forest even if is replanted it will not be the same. The trees obtain by this method would not be of the same quality and we are harvesting them faster then what they are planting them. Even if we are planting more trees, we are still taking more then what we are growing. A good tree takes years, too long for the same human that planted it to harvest it, so is not really a good choice. Right now we still have some good old trees but we are getting rid of them, and they will not grow back if we don’t give them some more years. This is not really a give and take situation because we are not giving the same we took. Is not sustainable because we will finish the old grow and they would not grow again.

On another thought the fact that this trees are planted in monoculture and by human hand made me think that they could not really survive without help, I mean they where not made by nature so they may not be strong enough for it. The fact that they are cultivated in monoculture means that is just one of them needs to fall for all of them to die. They are not well prepared for nature so they may not survive it.

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas: Irony

Dramatic Irony

The kid thought that the concentration camp and the Jews on them were people in pajamas on a farm working, he did not know what his father and the nazis were doing. He become friends with a Jew without really knowing he was a Jew, not even his family knew he was friends with him; but when he discover that he was Jew and people start to tell him that they were bad, he still didn’t know why he has to hate them. In all the story the Germans think they are going to win pretty soon and are even doing plans for after they win the war, but we know that in reality the Germans lose the war. I think the biggest dramatic irony is that we know that the kid and the Jew were not going to take a shower, we knew that the kid was in a concentration camp whose only propose is to kill Jews, we know they were gonna get killed by gas, but they did not.

Situational Irony

I think we did not expect the Germans to not really know what they were doing to the Jews on the concentration camp, we take for granted that all of them wanted to do that to the Jews. The fact that the mother of an important general of the nazis army was against nazis was kind of ironic, one doesn’t expect that difference in opinion from the mother of a general. Even the fact that the wife starts to hate her husband after she knew what he was doing was not expected, one expects that the wife will back him up on everything he does and that she would have already know. One of the biggest acts we do not expect must be the relationship of the kid with the Jew kid, because is expected for all nazis families to hate Jews and to not form any kind of good relationship with them. Bringing the fact that the kid is son of a nazi general and not a Jew one would never have thought that he would get inside a concentration camp and that he he would die like a Jew, on a horrible way nazis only use because they thought as Jews as less then a human. The fact that the general of the nazis in charge of the concentration camp and the gas chamber gets his child killed by his one hand (or work, at the end he is in charge of them) is a really big irony.


I am really great full to my parents. They have given me so many things that I did not really appreciate before and just took them for guaranteed. I am currently on Canada away from my parents and living with a host Family. While the host family has been very nice in helping me, in reality I am living alone on the most part. Now I do not have my parents to help me get something, to drive me or to just be there for me. I am kinda of all alone in some ways.

Something that really made a difference was movement, how I move from one place to the other. Back home if I wanted to go somewhere either my mom would drive me or, once I got old enough, I would drive myself. I never have to wait for the public transport, giving that is really bad in my town, or have to walk long distance. Now that I’m here I really miss my car, which was something I didn’t appreciate enough, and I’m really thank full to my dad for not wanting us to pass through this problems and get us a car.

The car was just something pretty obvious to explain in the difference between the home my parents create for me and the place I am right know, but they do so much more is big or small scales that I really should start to thank and treasure more.

-Thanks Mom and Dad.

Pollution on the water. Boat are ruining the beach

This image shows how there are people who enjoy to going to play on this beach. Is place to hangout. But if you look closely at the background of the photo, one can notice the presence of boats. Boats run on gasoline, creating waste that goes on the water and with time taking away the beauty and the ability to be a livable place for animals.

Others may not notice the boats in the back and only see the people and beach. Maybe they will think is about litter or human appropriation of natural settings.

We can try to make boats %100 free of waste. We can make rules for the companies that throw waste in the ocean. Anything to evade polluting.

You can see a lot of different things in the same picture. Everyone is going to focus on different things and get another perspective of what you see. Images change from the eye of the viewer.

Always try to look at all the aspects in the image and if there is a note from the photographer then that’s better. You can try to join the information you know about the news or the aspects on the picture to create a conclusion.



Everyone has different perspectives, you can find more than one way to see something. Because of that one needs to be really precise on the picture to give the correct message, you need to make sure the composition of your image can’t be misinterpreted, which is hard to do. To be able to get the massage of the photo you need to see the whole image, make sure you don’t miss anything so you can create a more complete idea.


Call to Action:

It may be because I’m a foreigner but I don’t really know of any major problem in the community, i do not know it that well to be able to see its mistakes. The only thing that i may not like is how the traffic lights work for the one turning right-left. As a driver back home i really don’t like the idea of having to wait for either the pedestrians or the cars going the other way to be able to turn, there should be a time for cars to turn without anything stoping them, some traffic lights are like that but not all of them.