RNA Transcription Model

DNA is made up of deoxyribose sugar whereas mRNA is made up of ribose sugar. DNA has thymine as one of the two pyrimidine bases, but mRNA has uracil which pairs up with adenine. DNA is present in the nucleus while mRNA is found mainly in the cytoplasm after synthesis. The structures differ for the backbones as DNA has two backbone and mRNA is single-stranded. mRNA is shorter than DNA because it has fewer nucleotides.

The goal of transcription is to make an RNA copy of a gene’s DNA sequence. Firstly, a specific section of DNA unwinds which exposes one gene. Then complementary RNA bases bond along one strand. The unique RNA base, uracil, bonds with adenine. Next, adjacent nucleotides form covalent bonds and build the RNA backbone. Lastly, RNA is released and DNA reforms double helix shape.

The activity was accurate in showing the process and steps of transcription. It was inaccurate though as it did not show what happens after transcription or how DNA forms back to original double helix shape.

*Note: DNA should be in double helix shape once the transcription is complete

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