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TOKTW 2016

I went to work with my mom and she works for a company called Acosta. The company looks after different products such as Starbucks instant coffee, Colgate, Burt’s Bees, Boom Chicka Pop, Clorox, Sabra and more. Her job is to go to different stores in the Tri-City’s, Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge that carry the products and check that the prices are right, labels are correct, displays are organized etc. When she arrives at her first store around 9:00am she has to look at her agenda for the specific store on her tablet. Each store will have about 4 tasks or questions but she only needs to answer the first two as those are the most important. When she goes into the store she signs in an then gets started. My favourite part about the job was getting to talk to people and discuss future displays and orders. However, this job requires a lot of walking and driving so I found I got tired really fast because at school I sit for most of the day but my mom is constantly moving. Overall I had a great day learning what my mom does.