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OERAC 2018

This week for Random Acts of Kindness Week I held the door for people walking behind me. I
usually try to hold the door for people because it is a kind gesture that doesn’t require a lot of effort. I chose to do this RAC for the week because I don’t notice how people respond or react to me holding the door for them so I thought it would be interesting to record my experiences this week. I noticed that majority of the people really appreciated me holding the door for them. Some of them seemed a little shocked probably because they didn’t expect it especially from someone younger. For me personally, I noticed that I went out of my way more to hold the door or I waited longer for the person following behind me. Knowing that I helped make someone’s day a little better made me feel accomplished and more helpful even though it was a small action. I will continue to do this RAC as I do so on a regular basis but now I can feel an accomplishment every time I hold the door for someone. This activity made me want to think of new ways I can help people during their day. After I held the door for one person I did notice they held the door open for the next person but I don’t know if that was a coincidence or if they wanted to continue the trend. Overall, I enjoyed doing this RAC over a week and recording their reactions. My favourite part was how it made me feel like a caring citizen. I think RAC’s are very important because we always think about ourselves so it is nice to think about how we can help others.