February 8th 2017 archive

Amazing Race Organizer B Questions

Cordillera Questions

1. What is the most common fish sold?

a) Pacific Halibut
b) Salmon
c) Trout
d) All of the above

2. How many fish farms are in British Columbia?

a) 50
b) 23
c) 269
d) 7

3. What is a huge threat to fish farms?

a) Eagles
b) Bears
c) All
d) Aquatic pollution

4. Where are most fish farms located in British Columbia?

a) North BC
b) South BC
c) West BC
d) East BC

5. Why do some believe fish farming is better for raising fish then letting them swim free?

a) Controlling what they eat
b) Able to treat them from diseases
c) Better for their emotions
d) So the families can stay together