DDA 10: Orthographic

Orthographic Frybox:


This is a Orthographic drawing of a McDonald’s fry box, I decided to make this when I went to McDonalds the day we were told to think of something to design and make.

3D Net: Fry Box Complete

This is the completed 3D object of the Fry Box I designed above.

Cell Phone

This is an accurate 2d representation of my phone. We used T-Squares and Rulers to make it at good at possible.




My sketches for the 3D Print assignment. I wanted to make something useful as well as easy for people to make.


3D Part

I made a coat hanger because I always want to put my jacket somewhere but I can never find a good spot.

Lab: Hair Dryer

We made a hair dryer in inventor as part of the tutorial

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