Inventor Project Process


My sketches for the 3D Print assignment. I wanted to make something useful as well as easy for people to make. I also didn’t want to make something too simple. I also thought the a coat hanger would be really helpful for me. I ended up choosing the coat hanger because its was useful, it was unfortunately very simple.


3D Part

I made a coat hanger because I always want to put my jacket somewhere but I can never find a good spot. I later realized that this wasn’t as complex as I wanted it to. During the designing in Inventor I had a hard time getting the bottom hook to look good on the curve, I fixed this issue by trial and error.

Final Product:

I was really happy with the final product of my project, I also though it was the right size for what it was going to be used for. I put the graph paper and pencil for scale. I was overall pretty happy with the project’s process

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