Week 10 – precalculus 11

Dividing Radical Expressions: Dividing radicals is not as easy as multiplying, though it does include multiplying. We will need to use distributive property and potentially adding to rationlize the denominator. We cannot divide by a radical so we must make the denominator a whole number. We normally multiply the denominator by itself and multiply that […]

Week 9 – precalculus 11

Equivalent Forms of the Equation of a Quadratic Functions and finding x-ints: If one is given the equation it may seem like there is no way to find the vertex or starting point of the parabola, a line that goes down but then goes back up after a certain point. If we needed to find […]

Newton’s Three Laws of Motion Blogpost

Short Story   Billy’s Adventure Some early teens have trouble understanding Newton’s laws of motion. To better understand these laws, we must tell the story of an average boy going about his day. It was a typical sunny Saturday.  13-year-old Billy is in his basement doing laundry. When he bends over to pick up a […]

Week 8 – precalculus 11

Transforming the Graph of There are three equations:     The first one adds q to the parent function of , this decides the Y intercept and so the parent either goes up or down when this is applied. The second one changes the x intercept and there changes the parabola side to side, if p […]

ITM 12 – Linux Essentials Blog Post #2

Permissions: If you issue the ls -l for a certain file, there will be 10 characters like so: -rw-r–r–. The characters from 2-4 are the permissions for the file owner, 5-7 are for the group that owns said file, and 8-10 are for the “others” or everybody that doesn’t fit into the first two categories. […]

Week 7– precalculus 11

Discriminant: This week in precalculus we learned about the discriminant of the quadratic formula and how to use it to find information. By using the formula , we can find the discriminant. This section of the quadratic formula tells us whether a quadratic equation has zero, one, or two roots. We call this the discriminant […]

Week 6 – precalculus 11

This week in Precalculus 11, we learned how to develop and use the Quadratic Formula. In our learning, quadratic equations take the form of, . If we complete the square of this equation, we get another formula that can be used to determine solutions to any and all quadratic equations written in the same form […]

Week 5 – precalculus 11

Identifying Extraneous Roots: Extraneous roots are found when a variable discovered after solving an equation is not true if used in the original equation. In other words, it’s a root found by squaring both sides, it is not a root in the equation you started with. To show this, we could use an equation like […]

ITM 12 – Linux Essentials Blog Post #1

MAN PAGES These “Man pages” are used to describe commands, show their features, and give options on how to use them. To view a man page for a command, issue the command “man command“. man cal will display the man page for the cal command, or the calendar command. The following is an example of […]

Week 4 – precalculus 11

Multiplying Radical Expressions To multiply a radical expression you want to use strategies such as distributive property. This may involve adding radicals too, to add a radical the radicand has to be the same and you will add the coefficients together. When multiplying all we need to do is multiply the coefficients together and the […]