Week 3 – precalculus 11

Absolute Value: This week we learned about absolute values of real numbers and how they work in equations. An absolute value is always positive. To find the absolute value of -2 the equation would look like this: and to find the absolute value we make the number +2. The number stays the same but it […]

Week 2 – precalculus 11

Infinite Geometric Series This week we learned how to identify an infinite geometric series and how they work. An infinite geometric series is a sequence of numbers that are being multiplied by the same amount each consecutive time in the sequence and all the numbers are being added together. The common ratio, r, is the […]

Week 1 – precalculus 11

In my first week of  Pre-Calculus 11 I learned some interesting concepts. However, the concept of an Arithmetic Series intrigued me the most. An Arithmetic Series is the sum of all terms in a sequence in which the numbers are increasing or decreasing by the same amount in the next place in the sequence. This […]

Synthesis Essay Reflection

Reflection: I feel that I did a good job on making it easy to read. I also felt like I had good vocabulary and made good points. I could have structured it better to suit the topics of the paragraphs. I also could have added more detail to the quotes and the points. I worked […]

Rube Goldberg Project

OPERATION CHURRO Steps of machine: Step A. The phone is called then vibrates down the binder hitting the dominoes. (The phone vibrating would be mechanical energy and it moving down would be the result of gravitational energy too. (The dominoes are moving based on mechanical energy. Mechanical/Gravitational to mechanical.) Step B. The dominoes go up […]