Writing types

a) In your own words, what are the four writing types?

Expository – its main writing purpose is to explain. Author gives a subject and they would talk about facts and figures about the subject. They don’t put their personal opinion about the topic. Examples are history books. Where the author of the book talks about history and they give information to the reader and explain what the information is about.

Persuasive – its main purpose is to convince. The author gives a subject and they would talk about it but they would also put their personal opinions about the subject. And they would also try to convince the reader to agree on their opinions about the topic. Sometimes that would lead into arguments and debates on which side is more better. Examples are review (in restaurants). Some would like the food and some would not but to convince for another person to convince on trying the food out or not, they would go into the restaurant reviews and check if its worth it or not.

Narrative – its main purpose is to tell a story. Like story books where the author shows what’s happening in the story by narrating it. But it requires characters and some actions, so the author can explain what’s happening in the story. Or the character in the story could also narrate what’s happening in the story but in their view point.

Descriptive – its main purpose is to describe. Its like narrative but the story is being describe in great detail. It also points out the five sense (smell, hear, feel, taste, and sees). It is often poetic.


b) After reading the comic, “Represent,” by Christian Cooper, which writing type would this be categorized under?

It would be narrative and expository because the author of the comic book is telling us a story about this African American boy, who sees people through his binoculars. And its a comic that shows the story. And for the expository part, it shows how the people who were seen in the binoculars are real people.


c) What is the comic showing us? 

Its showing awareness that racism still exist in the present day society.



Media Research Project

Andrea Larieta

English 10

19 September 2020

Mr. Barazzuol

Since the release of the smartphone, especially “IPhones”, Apps are in huge demand. With a wide variety ranging from gaming and entertainment to lifestyle and health. Pinterest was one of the first apps of its kind, an app where you can pin and save things you liked for later, post your own post, or share recipes and art with friends. Pinterest main source of income is ad revenue. With solely relying on ads creating Pinterest had its ups and downs. The original name of the app was called “Tote”. Co-founder Ben Silbermann’s girlfriend made a joke about it calling it Pinterest and it stuck around thanksgiving in 2009 Pinterest’s closed beta testing started. Many people could only get the app if they were invited. But once things started working out, in March of 2010, Pinterest launched for their open beta testing. During the open beta testing Ben Silbermann and a few programmers ran the app through a small apartment in California. Ben Silbermann personally spoke to over half of its 10,000 users, to get personal feedback of the app. After a year, they were able to release the app officially on iOS in March of 2011. Over the next year, Pinterest would blow up, making it the fastest growing website by member growth. With 38% of users in the 18-29 age group, while over 70% of all users are female. Pinterest has made it worthwhile to a lot of people, it’s a good website to promote your self made business, and even ads aren’t seen as ads, they look like normal pins you can save. Thankfully, throughout the years Pinterest has continued to grow, and share with millions all over the world. Giving easy access to everyone who wants to share their interests. So even if it was a rough start for Silbermann, he never gave up. In his starting up advice, he states, “Don’t take too much advice….Most people generalize whatever they did, and say that was the strategy that made it work…In reality, there’s very little way of knowing how various factors contributed to success or failure.” (Ben Silbermann)


Pinterest testing out new look with beta testers



Pinterest Startup Story

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What is new media?


New media is about what an individual reads or see on the internet. It can be shown on any apps that users use on their daily lives. It can be shown in news, blogs, video game apps, and more. However in new media, it requires technology most of the time. Some of the stuff that a individual reads on the newspaper, might not be shown in the internet news. Media consumption fragments is something that people do in their daily lives. In every free or break time they have, they could use that time to get into their social media apps to catch up on what is being talked about in the world. Once that happens, users going into their devices while looking into their preferable news is a fragment of media consumption. But that doesn’t mean new media is all good news. For example, “The people will believe what the media tells them they believe” (George Orwell). Once a individual post something about another individual, people will eat it up. Some might have their common sense but most will eat what the media has been shown to them. That’s why here are some methods on how to consume credible media. Check if the site itself was verified as an actual website that people can trust to look into for news.Research about the topic if it was true or not or use app that can identify fake news. Usually in every fake news website, there would a lot of ads of other fake news or products for users to buy. Not only that but the website might have a donation page to support the ongoing work they have done on the website itself.


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