I am from poem

I am form brush

Form palette and sketchpad

I am form the every drop of paint on the paper

Red, green, and blue

I am form the world,

A humans form the earth

I ‘m form school and home

Form bedroom and classroom

I’m form the rice and dessert

Form China and international

I’m form good luck, to Buddhism

I’m form Dragon Boat Festival

Dragon, Zongzi

Form the river

The beautiful Dragon boat suit

And The loud gongs and drums sound


Currents from the Kitchen

We used the banana to do the experiment, we had predicted that the banana no electricity.But we found that when the wire is connected, the needle moves a little.We are not ready, only prepared a fruit, it can only come to a fruit results.

Digital Footprints

1.Because a lot of opportunity only once,I want to cherish it.

Such as job interview,some will give you a chance to interview,and if you are late or the answer was not good,it is possible to lost

the opportunity to have a job.