Spheres and Cycles Drawing

Interactive content: every time I run out of water will turn off the faucet, I rarely use disposable paper plate, I never waste paper, every time I put the corresponding garbage into the corresponding trash, I rarely waste food, I take the bus. I often shower.

Select: Turn off water when used up. Try not to use disposable dishes. Save paper, do not waste paper. Eat how much to buy, do not waste food. Food packaging should be put into garbage, can not easily fall to the ground. Go out as far as possible by bus, or ride a bike. Shower can save more water.

Change: We should not overfishing, should be appropriate fishing. Use the amount of fertilizer should be appropriate, not too much can not be too little. We try to use energy-saving products. Reduce the number of chemical plants and pollution levels, away from residential areas. Promote low-carbon life. Hoping to reduce the number of smokers, refused to second-hand smoke. Less cut down trees, a variety of saplings. So as to extend the life of the earth. As far as possible with energy-saving lamps, saving the earth’s resources. Multi-purpose shower less with a bathtub, can save a lot of water. Cooking when the amount of not too much, so as not to waste. Do not buy ivory chopsticks or other rare animal products.

Postal format: love the earth, start from me. No profit leads to no extinction.

How do cells multiply

Sexual reproduction is the use of male and female pollination intersect and form seeds to reproduce the method of reproduction, but also the normal method of human reproduction. Asexual reproduction refers to the process of fertilization without germ-cell union, and a method of breeding progeny directly from a part of the mother. Sexual reproduction method has the most difference is that sexual reproduction, of course, there are good variations of variation there are bad variations. Asexual reproduction refers to the fertilization process without the combination of germ cells, from the mother part of the direct generation of offspring, asexual reproduction with the characteristics of maintaining the female parent.

Mutation Story

Angel syndrome is a genetic defect caused by the disease, the patient’s face is often smiling, lack of language skills, hyperactivity, mental retardation, patients often waved his hands up, poor balance, this disease will not spread. The cause of angel syndrome is caused by genetic defects, is the loss of chromosome 15 q11-q13 caused. This disease is caused by a single gene genetic defects. Due to a partial defect in the 15q region of the 15th chromosome imprinting gene from the mother, or both chromosome 15 with this defect from the father. On the contrary, if the genetic defect from the father, or have two from the mother of genetic defects.



Summary/Explannation: Because of the Dominican Republic lack electricity, so we try to help them address light poverty problem, we came up with ways to provide electricity for them, and we had a vedio call with them to understand situations, during the call, the students asked questions about there to them, then we knew more question by this Vedic call.

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