Spocken word


The Ocean 1-1joqvia

The spoking word was good overall, I was prepared before the speech, so I was fluent in the speech.But I didn’t look at the audience in the speech, which at this point I should change next time.And I think there’s a lot of grammatical mistake in my article. So I’ll keep trying.

Why I have to learn



This is second time to write English essay. I think there is lot mistake in my essay. I find out there is two things I proud when I write the essay, First one is I can let the reader get the plot of my story. The second is I try to not using the translate when I writing, This is a big progress of me. But I hope I can improve my vocabulary and grammar at next essay.

Why I have to learn-1lz0w40

My social issue poem

The power form far away

Maybe they have the same dream

But some of them can’t even touch it

They all live in a same country

But some of them never saw the sea


They really need help

But lot peoples just help they on the mouth

They still try to learn

They constantly explore the new knowledge

In their mind there is no give up

Maybe you think why they are so strive

Because only lore can change their fate

They are the power form far away

I am from poem

I am form brush

Form palette and sketchpad

I am form the every drop of paint on the paper

Red, green, and blue

I am form the world,

A humans form the earth

I ‘m form school and home

Form bedroom and classroom

I’m form the rice and dessert

Form China and international

I’m form good luck, to Buddhism

I’m form Dragon Boat Festival

Dragon, Zongzi

Form the river

The beautiful Dragon boat suit

And The loud gongs and drums sound



Perseverance Love

The movie is Forrest Gump, also a book. This story is about Forrest Gump. Forrest Gump is a mentally disabled child, everyone likes to bully him. His childhood is dark, but there is a Jenny who always helps him. Forrest fell in love with Jenny. He spent a lifetime telling Jenny he loved Jenny, and finally Forrest Gump and Jenny have a happy life. The story tells us that as long as we perserecnce loving what we love, no matter what difficulties we meet, we should not give up easily. Eventually, there will be gains


Canadian Arctic waterfalling

1.The arctic are eat fish and bear ,I think i will don’t want to eat bear. They live in the house with ice bricks. Their house look like ball.

2.Because the ice has been melting

3.Very pleasantly surprised, because they can survive in such a difficult environment