I am from poem

I am form brush

Form palette and sketchpad

I am form the every drop of paint on the paper

Red, green, and blue

I am form the world,

A humans form the earth

I ‘m form school and home

Form bedroom and classroom

I’m form the rice and dessert

Form China and international

I’m form good luck, to Buddhism

I’m form Dragon Boat Festival

Dragon, Zongzi

Form the river

The beautiful Dragon boat suit

And The loud gongs and drums sound



Perseverance Love

The movie is Forrest Gump, also a book. This story is about Forrest Gump. Forrest Gump is a mentally disabled child, everyone likes to bully him. His childhood is dark, but there is a Jenny who always helps him. Forrest fell in love with Jenny. He spent a lifetime telling Jenny he loved Jenny, and finally Forrest Gump and Jenny have a happy life. The story tells us that as long as we perserecnce loving what we love, no matter what difficulties we meet, we should not give up easily. Eventually, there will be gains


Canadian Arctic waterfalling

1.The arctic are eat fish and bear ,I think i will don’t want to eat bear. They live in the house with ice bricks. Their house look like ball.

2.Because the ice has been melting

3.Very pleasantly surprised, because they can survive in such a difficult environment

Spheres and Cycles Drawing

Interactive content: every time I run out of water will turn off the faucet, I rarely use disposable paper plate, I never waste paper, every time I put the corresponding garbage into the corresponding trash, I rarely waste food, I take the bus. I often shower.

Select: Turn off water when used up. Try not to use disposable dishes. Save paper, do not waste paper. Eat how much to buy, do not waste food. Food packaging should be put into garbage, can not easily fall to the ground. Go out as far as possible by bus, or ride a bike. Shower can save more water.

Change: We should not overfishing, should be appropriate fishing. Use the amount of fertilizer should be appropriate, not too much can not be too little. We try to use energy-saving products. Reduce the number of chemical plants and pollution levels, away from residential areas. Promote low-carbon life. Hoping to reduce the number of smokers, refused to second-hand smoke. Less cut down trees, a variety of saplings. So as to extend the life of the earth. As far as possible with energy-saving lamps, saving the earth’s resources. Multi-purpose shower less with a bathtub, can save a lot of water. Cooking when the amount of not too much, so as not to waste. Do not buy ivory chopsticks or other rare animal products.

Postal format: love the earth, start from me. No profit leads to no extinction.