Currents from the Kitchen

We used the banana to do the experiment, we had predicted that the banana no electricity.But we found that when the wire is connected, the needle moves a little.We are not ready, only prepared a fruit, it can only come to a fruit results.

Science App Review


I need to find an app that can help me with Science 9.


Google translation to translation title. Wangyi Public class have lot videos for science i can learn i don’t know question in this app. Zuo yei bang i can post my question if anyone knows how they will respond in in the following.


Phet sims balloons and static electricity in the app have lot game i chose  balloons and static electricity this game , in the game i can move the balloons and the app will what happen if i move the balloon.I can chose other mode,this app can let me easy to under stand.


I like the app.Because the app can let me know lot question, easy to lean science.