Gachsnow story

12,13,2016                                                    Alan

                    Gachsnow story

Winter is coming. Today Jason and Harry go to play snow.

Jason Said the underground treasure began to digging. Harry Do

not believe there will be treasures underground. Harry looking for

The shose Harry sad my shose getting wet. Jason sad ha ha i have               

my boots man. Harry say;hey man can you see the sheep beside

You. Jason say: I cant see i only can see the trees man. After one

Hour Harry ask Jason: What did you get. Jason say: I am so tire

I cant see any thing.snow-picture-1nnimbg-1

Mutation Story

Angel syndrome is a genetic defect caused by the disease, the patient’s face is often smiling, lack of language skills, hyperactivity, mental retardation, patients often waved his hands up, poor balance, this disease will not spread. The cause of angel syndrome is caused by genetic defects, is the loss of chromosome 15 q11-q13 caused. This disease is caused by a single gene genetic defects. Due to a partial defect in the 15q region of the 15th chromosome imprinting gene from the mother, or both chromosome 15 with this defect from the father. On the contrary, if the genetic defect from the father, or have two from the mother of genetic defects.



Summary/Explannation: Because of the Dominican Republic lack electricity, so we try to help them address light poverty problem, we came up with ways to provide electricity for them, and we had a vedio call with them to understand situations, during the call, the students asked questions about there to them, then we knew more question by this Vedic call.

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