Racism: Have Things Changed?

Racism. Has it changed?  Yes, but not enough. We now live in a civilization where black people have the same rights a white person.  However, we still have racism in our world today.  Racism has changed with people believing in the equality of black people and having laws that treat black people equally.  Racism, in the past, wasn’t illegal, but it was normal, with white families owning slaves, and treating them horribly as well.  Even after the Civil War, the government and the white southerners had laws against black people, putting the white people above anyone else.  For example, The Jim Crows laws made it legal for racial segregation against black people. This took place in the southern US. They had separated white people and coloured people, using different sections for black people on buses and trains, and making them go to different schools. The segregation on the bus led to The Montgomery Bus Boycott. This action protested the government with the separation and the mistreatment of black people. Racism has changed over time.  Black people were given the same Human Rights and equality of treatment that white people had.  Martin Luther King was a huge activist for the black community and became a well-known leader in the Civil Rights Movement. Other people and groups like Malcom X and The Black Panther group fought against racism and segregation. However, even though laws have changed and some racist attitudes have changed over time, there is still racism and stereotyping in our world.  The treatment of black people and other non-white people still exists in our society today.

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