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Character Sketch D

In the story Sam the Athlete, by Stuart Mclean, we are introduced to Sam as a nervous and anxious boy going into middle school but, we see that he grows into more of a confident person. The author describes Sam through his actions and what others and his dialogue are. He is a dynamic character in that he goes through change and makes a difference in the story. In the beginning I would describe Sam as a nervous person who is worried about school, teachers and fitting in. The narrator talks about the different sports Sam has tried and most of them failed. Like when he tried out for a soccer team, he tried to stay away from the ball and go where everyone else goes but he gets to tired and completely loses track of anything that’s happening. “He inevitably fell behind the pack…”Saying that Sam is not a good athlete. I would also describe Sam as a dreamer. I say that because he is left out of a lot of the sports and even when his mom bought him “fast” shoes and told him to go for a run he had his imagination think it was a gunshot starting a race. Sam could be described as accepting as well. When Sam’s dad walked I on Sam when he had the skirt on, Sam told his Dad that he had accepted just going with the skirt and he doesn’t care because he is a part of something. “Like it? I love it” said Sam.” In the end when Sam continued to play for the field hockey team, he gained a lot of confidence and being dressed like a girl.