Social Justice Poem



It’s like the darkness,

It’s not a thing,

But it’s something that we lack.

It’s a curse of human society,

And prevails where injustice is.


It’s pollution that causes climate change,

It’s what we create.

We recognize the danger,

Yet we do nothing to stop it.


It’s like being stuck in the middle of the ocean,

Trying to find a way out.

Their cold and wet bodies,

Desperately trying to search for an exit,

A doorway out of hell.

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Where I’m From

I am from chopsticks,

From rice and noodles.

I am from the basement in my house,

(Dark, boring, smells like air.)

I am from dandelions,

Whose colours are yellow, just like me.


I’m from sticks and eyeglasses,

From Anna and Ben.

I’m from the doctors and lawyers,

From eat and sleep.

I’m from the foods that we eat on Chinese New Years.


I’m from Paris and China,

Hotpots and dumplings.

From the time my parents spent for me,

The happiness my sister shared with me.


In my parent’s drawer there is an album,

Full of pictures that represent precious memories.

The Human Condition


In the Human documentary directed by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, a Jewish lady tells the story of her experience as a baby while they were at war. A German officer entered the ghetto one night. Since her mother isn’t able to take proper care of her she asked the officer if he can take care of her. The German officer had no reason to take up on that offer by the Jewish lady, but took the baby with him. This man named Alois Pleva works for the German army and lives by the German border, he went out of his way to save a Jewish baby from a woman he’s never met before. He took the baby to his parents at the border between Poland and Germany and they raised her in the purest Catholic tradition until the end of the war. This video shows that in times of conflict, extreme hardships, human are able to trust one another. What the German officer did showed hope in what we call human folly.

Getting to Know You

My top intelligence is spatial, where I can remember things visually. I agree with what the response says, I have a very good memory so it is the best for me to learn things visually. I am somewhat good at drawing and I learn from watching others. In second for my intelligence is body movement, I learn from doing fun activities that involve movement. I am good at sports, and games that involve small movements and fast reflexes, therefore I have good motor skills. I am also a social learner, I like to work in groups where I find it a lot easier to learn. I learn from my group and I take and share my ideas with them. I am alright socializing with others, I like to stay in my comfort zone with people I know but I am alright with talking to new people. I am also somewhat an interpersonal and logical learner, but I would say that I am mostly a spatial and kinesthetic learner. Usually I only actually try to learn things when I am interested in the topic, otherwise I wouldn’t get a clear understanding of what I learned.

Careers & Conversations

I think the activity was a great experience, I was glad to talk to different people and learn different things. I spoke to Julie Porter, she is a biologist, Mr. Robinson’s a teacher, and Vadim Egorov who is a woodworker. I was most interested in woodworking after speaking to Vadim Egorov, although I probably wouldn’t do it as a job. I think for me woodwork would just be a hobby instead of something I would want to work on everyday. They all seemed passionate about their jobs, but I have a hard time finding something that I am passionate about. I wouldn’t consider doing the same job as Julie Porter since I’m not a big fan of outside. I don’t think I should be a teacher since I can’t teach. Right now I am still not sure what I am going to do for a job. For soft skills I think communication and cooperation would apply to all these jobs. I think I’m cooperative but I need to work on my communication. I should get better at communicating with strangers over time. I think the Careers and Conversations morning was a great experience, I met people who are passionate about their jobs and I think that was great.