Careers & Conversations

I think the activity was a great experience, I was glad to talk to different people and learn different things. I spoke to Julie Porter, she is a biologist, Mr. Robinson’s a teacher, and Vadim Egorov who is a woodworker. I was most interested in woodworking after speaking to Vadim Egorov, although I probably wouldn’t do it as a job. I think for me woodwork would just be a hobby instead of something I would want to work on everyday. They all seemed passionate about their jobs, but I have a hard time finding something that I am passionate about. I wouldn’t consider doing the same job as Julie Porter since I’m not a big fan of outside. I don’t think I should be a teacher since I can’t teach. Right now I am still not sure what I am going to do for a job. For soft skills I think communication and cooperation would apply to all these jobs. I think I’m cooperative but I need to work on my communication. I should get better at communicating with strangers over time. I think the Careers and Conversations morning was a great experience, I met people who are passionate about their jobs and I think that was great.