Poem – Transformative


Zooming past

Dangerous speeds

 Fans are cheering for the racers

The bright cherry red Ferrari F1 car

The screeching of tires braking into the corner

The steering wheel is shaking like an earthquake

The driver hits his head hard on the seat

As he opens his eyes

It feels like he’s running at one hundred miles per hour


Mini Composition

Mother to Son is a poem about a Mother telling her Son about her life and references about how her life wasn’t good and she didn’t get no crystal stair. The poet is named Langston Hughes who was a poet in the civil war when there weren’t any rights for the African-Americans. He maybe have made this poem because of what his mother told him or what he thought other mothers would tell their kids. He made this poem from a metaphor “Life for me ain’t been no crystal stair.” The theme of this poem is about life and how she tells him about how to keep going instead of just giving up because she says “I’se been a-climbin’ on, and reachin’ landin’s and turnin’ corners.” This poem is telling us that even though you go through rough times, you still can keep going like the mother. Sometimes their lives are even worse and some just give up but in the poem the mom tells the son that, you can’t just give up because you still have your life ahead of you. She says that she’s still climbing so you must imagine that she has had a long life. This poem shows you how you have to be grateful for what you have because you can’t get it from doing nothing. You have to keep climbing and when you think your done, keep on going because there are always more things to find.

Poetry Project
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