To Kill A Mockingbird Background

In the past, African Americans were kidnapped and forced into slavery by white people. They worked all day and night doing chores for white families. They suffered degradation, malnutrition, mistreatment and violence. If they displeased their masters, they were beaten and whipped. They were fed only scraps. Their masters could sell them as if they were objects. African Americans were also denied the right to vote, education, employment and entry to certain public areas. Today, racism is displayed through stereotypes. African Americans are assumed to be distrustful and hostile. People’s racist comments and thoughts still exist, and are challenging to eliminate. There are now organizations and laws that work against the discrimination and unequal treatment of people of colour, such as The Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Human Rights legislation, hate laws, and The Ontario Human Rights Commission. Overall, racism has declined, but is still an issue that demands a solution.