Blog Log #1: Drama at the Grammys

Read the article here.


What originally drew me to this article was the title: Can the Grammys Please Anyone? It seemed contradictory at first, since the event is so popular. The article expresses how at this event, there is a fight for the representation of every group of people. I appreciated the author’s use of figurative language, such as the metaphor: “the show has become a piñata for critics, activists, and even major artists,” and the personification: “the Grammys still walk a tightrope.” What interested me in this article is how the described issue is universal. In 2019, all the different groups of people have one objective: representation. Every gender, race, religion, and sexual orientation is determined to be represented in today’s society. Often, the larger group of people overshadows the others, causing displeasure, as the article’s name implies. I hope for a future where every group of people is represented.