TOKTW 2016


Host Name) Brendan Connelly

Connection) Father


Part #1) Interview
#1) Career Name)  Manufacturing Engineer      

#2) Career Definition) Plans industrial work instruction for constructing aerospace components & manufactures.                                                

#3) Duties/Assignments Implemented

  • see #2
  • solves industrial issues as they appear

#4) Qualifications                                                                                      

a) Preparation) On the job instruction as required.      

b) Education) Applied Science university degree in Mechanical Engineering.                                                                                                     

c) Background

  • 25 years in aerospace
  • (20 in present career)

d) Skills & Traits

  • communication
  • team player
  • multitasker

#5) Pros

  • result (fighter jet)
  • allows use of industrial skills to solve industrial issues on a daily basis

#6) Cons

  • client necessities & methods create limitations that prevent the creation of  procedure improvements

#7) Anticipation of Career Changing in the Next 5y

  • more military work 
  • more assembly work instead of component manufacture 

Part #2) Reflection

#1) Reasons Why I Would Like this Career

  • based on science & mathematics
  • reasonable salary 
  • you can make a difficult procedure easier by breaking it up into step-by-step instruction

#2) Reasons Why I Would Dislike this Career 

  • some procedures aren’t environmentally friendly
  • factory (loud noises) 
  • has potential to be dangerous 

#3) Career For Me?

Mechanical Engineering isn’t the ideal career for me. Although I would find this career interesting & enjoyable, it does have some flaws. For me, the health of the environment is very important & the use of chemicals & other non-environmentally friendly substances bothers me. Also I have sensitive hearing & a lot of loud noise is created in factories. Mechanical Engineering is also not my passion. My passion is Marine Biology & I’d find being a Marine Biologist more enjoyable than being a Mechanical Engineer.

#4) Importance of TOKTW

I think that TOKTW is important because some students my age still don’t know what they want to do in the future as a career. Experiencing what it’s like at an adult’s workplace can help them decide their future careers. As I already know what I want to do in the future as a career, I still learned what it’s like at an adult’s workplace & how people work together (something that I’m not the best at).