The friday everything changed

The Friday everything changed.


  1. The boys were upet about the girls carrying the water bucket because that meant that they would skip class and that the teacher thought they were big and strong.
  2. The strategies that the boys used to pressure the girls to give in were not letting them play softball because they locked the teams with only boys for the whole week. The girls stuck together.
  3. A girls view in the class, were seeing this for the POV of the student. She thinks the teacher is nice, strict, kind hearted.
  4. During world war 2, they were more surprised by the girls getting the water then getting bombed by a plane. They all live with eachother in this little classroom throughout the day. This is a person vs person. The girls want to change that only the boys can carry the water bucket.
  5. Alma because she asked the question that changed the story
  6. Things are changing and the people are people.




  1. Galvanized – a metal coat with a protective layer of zinc
  2. Remotest – that’s its unlikely to occur
  3. Intoxicated – to be infatuated in something
  4. Ominous – Something unpleasant or threatening
  5. Supplementary – completing something
  6. Forlornly – Unhappy miserable
  7. Earnestly – sincere and intense
  8. Gloating – contemplate or dwell on one’s own success or another’s misfortune with smugness or malignant pleasure.
  9. Transfixed – Motionless in horror
  10. Pirouetting – Throwing a ball





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