Barney comprehension questions

Barney Comprehension Questions                               English 9

  1. What happened to Tayloe? Explain your reasoning.

The mouse killed tayloe

  1. Why does the spelling get so bad by the end of the journal?

Because the rat was spelling because he killed the other scientist

  1. On what grounds is Tayloe fired? How does the protagonist rationalize Tayloe’s dismissal? What is the real cause for his dismissal?

Tayloe was dismissed because they thought that he was trying to poision the rat. But really it was the rat.


Response Writing:  Scientific research is taking us in different and new directions everyday. What is your opinion on limitations placed on researchers and scientists? Should people be allowed to carry out research in private? Why or why not? Where should the line be drawn on projects such as genetic mutation, gene research, animal testing, human testing and other controversial research? Be sure to defend your position with real-life examples OR examples from the story.

I feel like people can test animals in private because they are testing how smart they are and a bunch of other things that will hopefully benefit.